Bill Dahlin

candidate for Governor of Wyoming

Bill Believes In Wyoming
Motivated by his passion for his home state.


To CREATE:     Jobs                      Diversity In Business Economic Growth




Jobs can be challenging in Wyoming.  There is a lack of diversity outside the energy sector, which accounts for roughly 80% of Wyoming's economy.  Current and past politicians from both parties have addressed this challenge for years with little progress.

It is a tough challenge.  When there is a boom cycle there is ample opportunity for those with the desire and skill set to work.  When the bust, or down turn, hits there is a lack of opportunity matched by a down turn to most other related sectors of Wyoming's economy.  Boom or bust, there is not enough business diversity or infrastructure in place to provide Wyoming with needed stability.

Unfortunately, there has not been enough emphasis placed on diversifying the business base in Wyoming.

My name is Bill Dahlin, I am running for Wyoming governor as a Republican for 2018.  We can strengthen the existing energy sector, existing businesses, and diversify the business base.  With your vote, on August 21, 2018 in the primary, then November 6, 2018, we can co-own a new direction for a more stable Wyoming.  "One for all and all for one."


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