"Bill will be the most courageous, sincere and honest leader that the State of Wyoming has had an opportunity to elect.  Bill is the Governor that will look out for the working man and do all he can to secure a successful future for our state.  Don't miss a chance to meet and visit with Bill and become part of his team."   Steven Cox, Wyarno, WY


"I have known Bill for nearly 45 years, he is a straight shooter who tells it like it is and an over all great man.  He'll do a great job for Wyoming becuase he is not a career Politician."
John M. Smith, Sheridan WY

Why I support Bill Dahlin for Governor of Wyoming                                                          by Ken Pendergraft  -  Carpenter, Preacher, Outdoorsman, Grandpa

I care deeply about Wyoming, our people and our way of life.  My family’s roots in Wyoming go back 140 years.

I’ve watched politicians for as long as I can remember (over 45 years), talk about diversification of Wyoming’s economy.  In all that time, little has changed.  When I graduated High School in 1980, jobs were hard to come by.  I stuck it out here for a while, and then raised my hand and joined Uncle Sam’s Army.  I had to leave the place I love so dearly. Many of my friends and classmates had to go elsewhere as well.  Wyoming has always bled its best and brightest progeny.  I don’t want my grandkids to face the same future.

Over the years, politicians have gone to Cheyenne sayin’ they’d fix things, and nothing happens. Perhaps that’s because most politicians have never really done anything tangible in their lives. Those who can, do, those who can’t, govern (meddle)… or so it seems.

Bill Dahlin is a man who has been very successful at a number of enterprises and has, in so doing, created more jobs and wealth for others than any career politician ever could. He is one who knows how to get things done, and in order to do that one must be a proven leader and good with people.  One cannot accomplish what he has without a team of effective people. One cannot accomplish what he has by taking advantage of others, or abusing the rights and livelihoods of those who helped along the way.

Bill’s primary concern is in diversifying Wyoming’s economy so that the boom and bust we’ve known all of our lives is diminished.  The time is right for such a leader. Emerging technologies make geographical limitations immaterial.  Wyoming is a wonderful place to live and work and with its low taxes and relatively few regulatory barriers, Wyoming is inviting to entrepreneurs.  We are, however at a crossroads. These advantages are under attack by those who believe that more government is the answer to every problem.  There are many who believe that business and a pristine environment cannot co-exist.  We know better.   As Ronald Reagan said, “Government isn’t the solution to our problem, it is the problem.”

The time is right for one who knows how to get things done in the real world to take the helm, pare out the duplication, waste, abuse and inefficiency.  It’s time to make the most of everything government must spend and do, and to put Wyoming on a winning track.


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