Traveling around meeting the great people in Wyoming, these are the most commonly asked questions.


Do I believe in the 2nd Amendment?

Yes I do, and I own an AR 15.

What is my stance on abortion?

I could elaborate, but there is nothing positive about it.

What is my stance on conceal carry?

I have spoken with UW Police, and others, as well as having my own perspective.  I believe we should look at and possibly model ours after Utah's concealed carry laws.  Law enforcement that I have spoken with tend to favor this idea as well.

What is my stance on the transfer of public lands ownership, federal to state, except wilderness, monuments, and parks?

I really don't think Wyoming, as a state, needs to do this unless the feds threaten our public access.  As far as managing the permitting of mineral and energy use, I feel the state could take that part over and manage it without jeopardizing our environment.

What do I think about Medicare and Social Security?

I strongly feel we should not jeopardize these programs.

What about Medicaid Expansion?

As it turns out, however you want to trail it, it is a mess.  We are probably fortunate that Wyoming did not expand it originally.  No one really knows where health care stands at this moment.  I do believe we need to take care of each other and find ways to do that from a health stand point.  I hope Washington gets it right and we benefit from it in Wyoming.  However, government does and should have its' limitations.

Why do I want to be Governor?

To be honest, I have never voted the party lines.  I am republican because my beliefs are conservative.  I am a businessman.  I am not, and never have been, a politician nor an attorney.  I do not want to be a career politician. 

I have a hard time understanding how someone can be of normal means going into office and come out a multi-millionaire when we are supposed to be holding (serving) a public office.

I feel more regular citizens should run for office, the way our country/system was designed.  I feel we should all serve our community, state, or country in a way we feel best suited for.  I feel I have something to contribute, to give back.  I do not need to do this.  I want to do this because I love Wyoming and the people within it's boundaries.  Together we can strengthen our economy.

Where am I from?  Am I a native of Wyoming?

I am a native of Wyoming, born and raised in Sheridan.  I left Wyoming as a young adult, as many do, to pursue opportunity I could not find in Wyoming.  I established my businesses where I was at the time, mainly the Midwest part of the country.  I moved back in 2000. 

How can we diversify our economy?

I truly believe Wyoming needs to focus on diversification of our economy.

The Wyoming Business Council was created to do this 20 years ago.

Recently, ENDOW was added for this purpose, as another layer with another 20 year goal.

It is something that has really never been done in Wyoming before. 

We 'CAN DO IT'.  A "one for all, and all for one" direction, with less regulations within reason.

     A)  Industrial Hemp, it's not marijuana.  It is legal.  It has many uses.  We import approximately 1 billion dollars of the products each year.  It is taking off in other states.  We need to jump on it.  It will create good paying jobs, millions in revenues in a relative short period of time... produce, process, and manufacture.

     B)  We need to look at USDA meat processing within the state rather than shipping out our number one agricultural products.

     C)  We need to be more aggressive on promoting our state for new business.

     D)  We need to promote and protect our energy and mineral sectors at all times.  Let us work on building additional revenue sources from our natural resources.  Etc, etc....

Do I support President Trump?

Initially I was skeptical.  No matter what anyone says, he has definitely turned "politics as usual" upside down.  I think that is a good thing.  No one can argue that our economy is improving.  We need to do the same in Wyoming.

What is my stance on raising taxes?

Let's look at this from a business perspective.  In my business, if I am having a tough year, do I go out and ask my customers for more money on my services?  No, I get creative, innovative, cut expenses, and look for different revenue sources... diversify.

In Wyoming, we need to save more in the boom times and push hard for diversification.  Not push for diversification and look at taxing in bust times.

What is my stance on education and the current budget issues?

I have been stopping into schools and talking to educators.  Our children and youth are our future.  We are having budget issues because our economy is not adequately diversified. 

However, are we sure our budgets and spending are correct?  If they are, can we gain funds from other budgets that can afford it?

I know we have $20 billion in reserves, do we address that or do we look for cuts overall?

In business, I have never seen a budget that didn't have fat in it when cuts needed to be made.


What is stance on access to public lands, camping on state lands and vehicle use by the landowners who block public access is an issue for those recreating in WY.

I believe public lands belong to the public. We need to look further into access and use issues. Seems, in some cases, to discriminate against equal use or fair use.


Do you believe in God?

I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

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