MARCH 6, 2018

   I had the good fortune of being born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming to a loving family. Going forward allowed for my varied experiences and education.

   A laborer, attending formal education, management in a fortune 500 transportation company, founding, developing, and growing businesses from scratch. My expanding business opportunities in part emerged selling coal, transloading frac-sand, and providing a crude oil train load out.

   Wyoming is a great state with significant attributes. First the people. Secondly, our resources and potential. Our experience as a state is dependence on energy and mineral extraction. Our past, present, and still important bridge of reliance into the future.

   The Trump Administration has alleviated detrimental regulations on our dependence. If you live in Wyoming, you know that is a good thing.

   Coal’s biggest competition is not regulation, but, natural gas and renewable energy. Oil, Wyoming’s friend and nemesis. Friend when things are good. Nemesis when it’s not, as experienced recently when approximately 5000 people left the state looking for gainful employment, Wyoming’s credit rating went from AAA to AA and personal income given inflation dropped 2.3 percent (worst of any state). You can’t fix that by taxing more, and the credit rating does mean something. This illustrates our dependence and how we have not yet fixed it.

   Do we double down on our dependence by an inconclusive, prolonged, and expensive battle seeking ownership of federal lands within our state to get their 51% and unknown related expenses to attempt to fix our economy?

   We need to defend the energy and mineral sector as it has defended us. In order to set ourselves free, we need to think differently by adding onto this sector. What’s needed is a one for all, all for one mentality, which will allow us to hold our economic development entities accountable. We can seek out economic low hanging fruit such as Agricultural/Industrial Hemp and other opportunities. Wyoming is a great state with great people. We can do anything.

Bill Dahlin, 2018 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

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